Apartment Moving

Comprehensive Moving Services

ERO Moving LLC provides comprehensive moving services for all types of jobs in Milwaukee, WI. Our experienced and professional movers can handle any size move, from a small apartment or condo to a large home with ease. We offer packing, loading, and transportation services, as well as unloading and storage solutions. We are dedicated to providing efficient and reliable moving services to our clients.

Moving in or out of an apartment does not have to be stressful. In fact, with the right amount of planning and communication with both your building manager and your moving company, it can be a breeze, but let us fill you in on some things you should know about moving in or out of an apartment.

Apartment Moving Tips

  • Make sure to check with your building manager to see if your apartment has set times and days for moves. Make sure to secure both a time and date with them and to communicate this information with your moving company.
  • Ask your building manager about time slots. Some apartments, especially those in big cities like Chicago, have a maximum amount of hours allotted for each move. If your apartment has this in place, take note of it and make sure to share it with your moving company so they can plan accordingly.
  • Ask if there is a freight elevator that you can book/use for your move. If there isn’t, check to see if you are allowed to use the regular elevator and ask if you need to reserve a time slot. If there is not an elevator PLEASE make sure to tell your moving company how many flights of stairs there are; this will ensure that their movers come prepared.
  • If you are not sure where the moving truck can be parked, check with the building manager. They will either advise you on where they can park the truck or rent out a parking space to you for the moving truck on the day of your move.
  • Ask about fees! Some apartments require that you make damage deposits before you move. These are refundable as long as no damage is done to the building during you move.

As always, communication is key! Make sure to reach out to your building manager with questions and concerns and inform your moving company of what you learned; this ensures that your apartment move is as seamless as possible!

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