Condo Moving

Moving in or out of a condo presents some unique challenges that you do not have to consider when moving in or out of a detached home, such as where to park the moving truck, reserving a time slot for your move, and oftentimes, having to deal with more than one set of stairs. Don’t worry, ERO Moving LLC has you covered. We specialize in moving clients in and out of condos and will be sure to remind you of those unique challenges and help you overcome them. 

Condo Moving Tips

  • Whether moving in or out of your condo, check with your condo manager to see if the building has set times/days for moves and if they do, make sure to secure both a time and date.
  • Check with you condo manager about time slots. Some condos have a maximum amount of hours allotted for each move. If your condo has this in place, take note of it and make sure to share it with your moving company so they can plan accordingly.
  • Ask if there is a freight elevator that you can book/use for your move. If there isn’t, check to see if you are allowed to use the regular elevator and ask if you need to reserve a time slot. 
  • If you are not sure where the moving truck can be parked, check with the condo manager. Some condos allow you to rent out parking spots for your move.
  • Ask about fees! Some condos require that you make damage deposits before you move. These are refundable as long as no damage is done to the building during you move. 

Overall, the best piece of advice we can give is to communicate and ask questions to your condo manager and make sure you are adhering to their rules and sharing what you learn with your moving company. Communication is key!

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