As soon as you know your inventory list will be larger, please call our relocation specialists with your estimate number and we will be able to update your quote to reflect the requested changes. 

Please be mindful, that any last minute request to add significant volume to your already scheduled move, should be promptly communicated prior to our moving crew arriving so we can come prepared and plan our schedule accordingly. 

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best time to move will vary depending on your personal circumstances. However, some general things to keep in mind include:

  1. Timing your move around the school year can be helpful if you have children, as it can make the transition easier for them.
  2. If possible, try to avoid moving during the peak season (usually late spring through summer), as demand for movers and rental trucks will be higher and prices will be higher accordingly.
  3. Keep in mind that weather conditions can also play a role in timing your move – for example, planning a winter move may not be wise if you’re not used to cold.

It is best to contact movers well in advance, especially if you are moving during a busy time like the summer. Most reputable moving companies will require at least two weeks notice to schedule a move.

However, it is always a good idea to reach out to movers as soon as you know you are moving. That way, the company has enough time to prepare and get an accurate estimate for your move. Plus, it gives you plenty of time to prepare for the move by packing up your belongings and making arrangements for transportation of your furniture and other items.

Virtual surveys are Fast, Easy, and absolutely Free!

Getting an estimate from Ero Moving LLC Of Milwaukee just got much easier! We now offer “Virtual Surveys”, our newest option to all of our clients. If you plan to move, an in-home estimate is a pretty important step to get the most accurate quote. A Virtual Survey let’s our estimators see your household items that need to be moved. There’s no need to worry about having someone call your phone and physically walkthrough your home. The Virtual Survey option is all done right from your smartphone or tablet, remotely! It’s the easiest and fastest way to get your customized moving quote right away. Fill out our survey here.

For the majority of the calls to our moving company we can give you an estimate during your phone call. This can also be done online by filing out our free estimate form found on our website. However, we may need to schedule an in-person visit to your home to provide a more accurate estimate. How will we know when we need an in-home estimate? If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions listed below, we may request an in-home estimate:

Is your home 1,500 square feet or larger?

Do you have any large or heavy items that may be difficult to move safely and securely?

Does your home have any narrow hallways, doorways, or stairways that furniture cannot fit through?

Will movers have difficulty parking a 26 ft. truck close to your home?

Are you moving out of state?

We recommend you keep with you anything you or your family will use on the day of your move. The most common items include snacks, paper towel, toilet paper, phone chargers, an extra change of clothes, toothbrush/toothpaste, and your kids’ favorite toys along with their diaper bag. Most importantly, medications, important paperwork (e.g., social security cards, birth certificates), and anything highly valuable or sentimental to you such as (jewelry, bank account information, credit cards & cash etc.) should be set aside. On your moving day, place these essential items in a safe or luggage bag you’ll carry with you to your new home.

Definitely! There’s no company too big or too small for us to handle, and regardless of size, we’ll take extreme care in packing and transporting all your office equipment and supplies to their new location. In addition to office moves, we can also assist with any other business moves.

When it comes to long distance residential and commercial moves, ERO Moving LLC has you covered. We offer fast, economical, and safe long distance moving services that you can depend on. Whether you’re crossing the country east or west or north to south, we can take care of all of the packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, and every little detail in between to your satisfaction.

ABSOLUTELY! We offer climate controlled storage unit options, and we have many partnerships to offer additional storage solutions for our clients. You can count on your reliable ERO Moving LLC movers to be there to load your storage container. You let us know when you’re ready to move back into your new home, and we will be ready when you need us.

The number of flights of stairs or the size/availability of elevators.

The walking distance from our truck to the load or unload location; this directly affects the amount of time it takes us to load and unload your items.

The driving time from the load to the unload location.

We accept all forms of payment for our moving services and you can even pay online. We accept cash, check, credit or debit, PayPal, and Square. All payments must be payed in full once your moving service has been completed.

Do your research and contact at least three different companies and pick the one you feel most comfortable with. Hiring a company to come into your home and move your household belongings is a very personal service, so you should hire a company that will be careful with your furniture and personal belongings. Taking care of our customer’s needs is our #1 priority and it shows in the work we do here at ERO Moving LLC!

First and foremost, find out whether the company is insured or not. Also, ask what size of truck they will be bringing and how many men they will provide for their quoted price. Pay close attention to companies that charge extra fees for equipment, mileage, heavy handling, or overnight fees to avoid any hidden fees appearing on your final bill. It is always a good idea to ask how their damage claim policy works in case there is any damage to your belongings. Lastly, do your research! Look up your professional moving company on different platforms such as Google or Facebook and see what insight past customers have shared about their experiences with the company. From there, go with who you feel can provide the most value, flexibility, and reliability come moving day!

With our services you get the most value for your money. We do this by being the most efficient and reliable movers in the Madison and Milwaukee area. Our billing starts from the moment we arrive to your home and continues until we finish unloading into your new home. There are no hidden fees or fuel charges since everything is built into our price, which we breakdown on our estimate and over the phone. We do offer a 5% discount as well to any senior citizens or military members.

All of our clients will give us a call or fill out our free estimate form found on our website. We will then generate an estimate based on the conversation we had over the phone or from the inventory list the client provided online with the description of what they need us to move. The most important information required to get an accurate estimate is the date and how many men they will be reserving come time to move. Our clients will also provide the loading address and unloading address to our company. If any additional pit stops are necessary they will also relay that information to us! For example, storage units or a second loading/unloading address. We do recommend an onsite evaluation on all homes/apartments with three bedrooms or more; this will help us give you the most accurate estimate based on time and will enable us to provide you the budget you can expect when moving with the ERO team!

Even though we can’t guarantee it, we are often able to be the heroes for our clients here at ERO Moving LLC by providing movers last minute. This does happen for a variety of reasons that are outside of your control, such as hiring unreliable moving companies, delays in home closings, unexpected relocations for a new career, or urgent personal life changes. Life is always happening at a fast pace and it can cause a lot of stress, so we do our best to be your heroes here at ERO whenever we are able! When we show up you’ll be thankful you called us, even if it was last minute.

No. We always wrap and protect your items with moving blankets and bands before placing them into our trucks. We will also wrap your item in shrink wrap at no additional cost, but shrink wrap must be provided by the customer or bought from us ahead of time.

Yes, we do provide storage services.  Please speak with a team member over the phone to find out more about our options and pricing.

Yes, they are always being closely monitored at all times of the day 24/7/365.

Yes, here at ERO we specialize in providing piano moving services.  We will always ask for a picture the piano and of any stairs involved along with the model and approximate weight.

Our straight trucks range anywhere between 16′ and 26′ long.  A tractor trailer is 75′ long.

The number of movers we send depends on the size of your move  Our logistics team will make sure we have the appropriate amount of movers to meet your relocation requirement. Most commonly our moved are between 2-4 men, but for large moves more men can be provided.

Yes.  If you are moving locally, we can do that for you! For long distance moves, we are not allowed due to state regulations.

Yes.  We will not move firearms, ammunition, drugs, chemicals, plants or pets.

When the ERO Movers first arrive, they will do a walk through of your current home, confirming our inventory list, ensuring we know which items are going and which are not.

Absolutely! When we deliver your items to your new home, the movers will work closely with you to make sure all the furniture and boxes are placed in the correct rooms.  We are happy to arrange and rearrange the furniture exactly as you would like it.

Although all of our movers are trained to never ask or hint for tips from customers, they are allowed to accept tips.  Should customers feel inclined to provide tips for the hard work they do, we greatly appreciate the generosity.

It can be rewarding and encouraging for our movers to receive tips and we encourage it, especially if your movers have done a great job, been friendly and professional, and worked efficiently and reliably.