Flat Rate Movers In Milwaukee

If you’re searching for a flat rate moving company, look no further than ERO Moving LLC. We provide professional moving services that fit your budget, with prices that are affordable and flexible. Best of all, you can trust that we won’t surprise you with inflated prices, as long as no other major services are required at the last second. You’ll know what you are paying before our flat price movers even show up at your door.



ERO is proud to provide our customers with excellent response times and stress-free relocations. We are also transparent about our pricing. Our billing starts from when we arrive at your door until our flat rate movers in Milwaukee finish unloading items into your new place. Other companies may charge you hourly, which isn’t fair due to potential unknown variables that may arise during the move. These may include weather, traffic, furniture assembly and more.

Additionally, the distance of your relocation is already accounted for with our flat fee mover pricing, whether you’re moving someplace local or a few states away. Rest assured our flat rate long-distance movers will treat your belongings with the utmost care and respect during the transition. Moreover, our local flat rate movers are licensed, bonded and insured.