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Choosing ERO Moving LLC

Here at ERO Moving we pride ourselves on being a family operated business.  We feel as though every aspect of our business has a personal touch behind it, and we try to make you feel comfortable entrusting us with your beloved items.  Being accommodating and working in different situations, and environments is our area of expertise. Although you are never sure what is going to happen on any given day, with our years of experience we have learned how to, “bob and weave” through any situation which may arrive.

7 Things to Look for in a Moving Company

1)      Good Reviews

Once you have started looking in using Ero Moving Services, we invite you to check out our online reviews to learn more about our company. People typically leave reviews whether they had an excellent experience or one which did not live up to their expectations. Here at Ero we strive to make your moving experience as pleasurable as possible, and we have the reviews to back us up.

2)      Recommendations from people you trust

Sometimes the most reliable source you can use are the people around you. Hiring a moving company to come into your home and move all of your personal belongings can be stressful.  You should make sure you hire someone that’s careful with not only moving your furniture, but also your china. Taking care of our customer’s needs is our #1 priority, and you will see that in the work we do at Ero Moving.

3)      Licensed and Insured

Never use a moving company that is not licensed or insured! Anyone can call themselves a moving company, but only the ones who are officially licensed and insured are legally bound to protect your estate. Also, ask the size of the truck and how many men it will take for the price you have been quoted. Make sure to pay attention if they ask for extra fees for equipment. At Ero Moving LLC of Milwaukee we come fully prepared for any job we have accepted.  A few other questions to ask: Are there extra fees for heavy items (i.e. piano, pool table, large safes)? Are there overnight fees? How does your damage claims policy work?

4)      Great track record

Make sure you do your research! Look up professional moving companies near me on different social media platforms such as Google, Facebook or Angie’s List and see what past customers have to say about the moving company you have chosen. Go with the company who makes you feel most the comfortable working with on your moving day. You may only be using this company for one day, but this is a day you do not want anything to go wrong.

5)      Catering to your individual needs

Every move is different.  Whether you are moving from a sprawling estate or a small studio apartment, you should make sure your moving company can adapt to all of your specific needs. At Ero Moving LLC of Milwaukee we come prepared with the moving supplies you need to help you move in the most efficient and effective way. We provide shrink wrap, moving blankets, straps, moving dollies as well as several other organizing items we keep in our moving trucks.

6)      Reasonable rates

When you receive a quote from the company whom you book you should receive a rate based on the amount of hours you believe the move will take, and the amount workers it will to accomplish said move. At Ero Moving we give a free moving quote over the phone or online, but it is based on the information you have provided. However, there may be other factors that may affect the cost of your move.  These include, but not limited to: the number of stairs or an elevator, the walking distance to and from our truck to the load or unload location (which affects the amount of time to load and unload your items).

7)      Credibility

Millions of people are moving on a daily basis. While moving company fraud is only experienced by a small percentage of those moving, it is not unheard of. When verifying to company you have chosen please make sure to check the following: license and insurance, a physical address (not a P.O. Box), and their service record. Also, be cautious of any company that asks for a deposit upfront, especially if it is more than 20%.

In the moving industry competition is strong.  Ask around and do your homework.  We believe you will find Ero Moving of Milwaukee will provide you with high quality service that’s safe and reliable. Contact us today to get started!

Trusted Residential Movers 

Moving can be a stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be! With the help of ERO Moving LLC, you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are securely and professionally relocated. Let us take the worry out of moving with our licensed and bonded services – we handle all aspects of planning, packing, and delivering your possessions to any location in Wisconsin or across the country!