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Moving in Milwaukee

Whether you have found Ero Moving through advertising, word of mouth, or simply searching online for “moving companies near me,” we are ready to help with your residential or commercial move.  We offer a full line of services to make your moving experience pleasurable.

We can help you from start to finish while you take care of your own matters of getting settled into your new home or office. Feel free to leave the loading and unloading to us! We guarantee to make your move the best (and most affordable) move.

In order to best prepare for your move, you may want to familiarize yourself with the lingo.  Here are a couple of words and definitions you may find helpful!

Learn the Lingo with Ero Moving LLC

  • Accessorial (Additional) Services – Services like packing and unpacking or accessibility or large objects may accrue extra charges.
  • Advanced Charges – Charges for services not provided by the movers but instead by a craftsman or another third party at your request. These charges are paid for by the movers but will appear on you bill of lading.
  • Bill of Lading – A receipt for your goods and a contract for them to be transferred. It is important for you to understand the bill of lading before you sign the document.
  • Binding/Non-Binding Estimate – A binding estimate is an agreement with the mover which guarantees the price of your move and the services they provide. A non-binding estimate is the mover’s calculation of the cost basted on the information provided.
  • Extraordinary Value or High Value Article – An article whose value exceeds $100 per pound.
  • Guaranteed Pickup and Delivery Service – An additional level of service where the mover will provide reimbursement for delays. This service is often dependent upon minimum weight requirements.
  • Hazardous Materials – Many household items are considered hazardous material.  These include, paints, paint thinners, nail polish remover, gasoline, automotive maintenance repair equipment, propane cylinders.  Other non-household items include, but are not limited to: explosives, poisons, corrosives, flammable liquids and solids, oxidizers, compressed gases, and radioactive materials.
  • Interstate Move – A move where goods are moved from one state to another.
  • Inventory – A detailed list of the items in you house which are being moved.
  • Order for Service – Document permitting the movers to transfer your goods.
  • Pickup and Delivery Charges – Separate charges for moving your shipment between warehouse and residence.
  • Shuttle Service – Use of a smaller vehicle to provide the service which is not typically provided with the mover’s normal line-haul equipment.
  • Storage-in-Transit (SIT) – Temporary warehouse storage of your shipment pending further transportations.  An example: If you are moving into a residence which is not quite ready for occupancy. Additional charges will apply, as will charges from the warehouse where your items were stored.
  • Tariff – A list of regulations, services provided, and resulting charges.  Each mover publishes their own tariff and must be able to provide said document upon request.
  • Transportation Services – The charge for your vehicle to be transportation being provided.  This service typically comes with separate charges.
  • Valuation – Valuation charges occur when the mover assumes a greater degree of liability than provided for base transportation charges.

We know it can look intimidating when you search for moving companies in Milwaukee. Just know that our family owned company is going to treat your family as though they are our own. We welcome you to contact us at  414-207-6900 for a free quote!