Moving Insurance in Milwaukee

Moving Safely with Ero Moving of Milwaukee

When you are in the process of moving all of your belongings, you never know what could happen.  Anything from water damage, due to sudden flooding, to broken china could be on a long running list of accidents. Ero Moving of Milwaukee does the best we can to ensure to safety of each one of your belongings.  However, you should be aware of the best way to cover your personal effects to make your move an enjoyable experience. We will review the difference between valuations and mover’s insurance to help you decide which option suits you and your move best.

What is moving insurance?

If you have and understand auto insurance, then moving insurance is essentially the same thing. The difference being that moving insurance is aimed specifically at your move. At Ero Moving LLC of Milwaukee, we work tirelessly to ensure the safety of each item, but even the safest of drivers never know when an accident may occur. Therefore, you should also take the appropriate steps to protect your valuables by obtaining mover’s insurance.

Moving insurance provides the peace of mind. Each of your belongings are covered in case there are any damages during your move. There are different policy options and your coverage will change according to which one you choose. Policies tend to range from natural disasters to if your new TV accidentally gets dropped during your move.

Ero Moving of Milwaukee, like all moving companies, is not able to sell insurance.  However, by law, we are required to provide valuation options, of which there are 2.  There is also the option to get a third-party provider depending on your moving needs.

Ero Moving Mke Discusses Valuations

  1. Released Value Protection
    • MUST come standard with any moving package
    • Provides coverage up to $0.60 per pound per item
    • This does not cover full market value
  2. Full Value Protection
    • Covers repairs on broken items
    • Offers replacement on lost or broken items or for something similar
    • Provides full coverage on all inventory
    • Does not cover items that cost more than $100 per pound
  3. Third-Party Insurance
    • Covers items of extraordinary value (more than $100 per pound)
    • Offers supplement value protection valuations
    • Covers natural disasters

Ero Moving LLC Explains Valuations

Valuation is the amount of liability a moving company takes if your belongings get lost or damaged during transportation.  As mentioned above, valuations are much more limited and usually only tell you the amount a moving company will reimburse you for an item.

So, what is not covered under valuations? Valuations cover anything that is not a natural disaster, but you will not get full market value for many of your items. Also, filing a claim is sometimes a little more difficult.  Here are some examples of why your moving company may limit your liability:

  1. When you pack your own moving boxes.  Ero Moving provides full-service moves, which help protect you if you need to file a claim.
  2. If you have failed to report lost or damaged items in the agreed upon window. Ero Moving of Milwaukee allows 9 months for you to let us know if something is lost or damaged.
  3. If your inventory checklist was not filled out properly and you did not let your movers know about items of extraordinary value.
  4. If you have packed explosives, such as gas or other hazardous materials without notifying your movers.  It is illegal for Ero Moving LLC to move hazardous materials so you must move those in your own vehicle.

A major advantage of using moving insurance, it does not limit you to just valuations.  Also, you are covered during a natural disaster.

Third-Party Insurance

Third-party insurance providers handle moving insurance for moving companies.  As mentioned before, by law, moving companies are not able to provide insurance.  When using a third-party, you can purchase full coverage from a separate provider. With a typical valuation only $0.60 is covered, but your third-party will help you cover the other $0.40.

Make sure to do your research before you purchase a third-party provider because you may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Why Should I Get Mover’s Insurance?

Most people who obtain mover’s insure have extremely pricey items in their home.  If this is the case, you are going to want to make sure you are covered in every way possible. Also, because Milwaukee is known for some natural disasters, such as flash flooding or blizzards, this offers another way to make sure you items are covered.

However, if you are simply making a local move, you are probably gong to be better off with one of the two valuation options.

Milwaukee Homeowner’s Insurance

Generally speaking, most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover home goods once they are not under the roof of your home. Or it could be your coverage is extremely limited. In other words, homeowner’s insurance covers your belongings while the movers are packing them in your home.  However, during the actual transport, they are not covered. This is one of the many reasons mover’s insurance is a completely viable option.  Remember, moving companies cannot sell insurance so you must find it from a third-party source.

Ero Helps You Figure Worth

Many people have not idea how much their items are actually worth.  When you choose Ero Moving LLC of Milwaukee we can help you by giving an approximation of how much your items weigh. Knowing this information can help you figure out the general cost of a room and give you an approximation for your replacement costs.

If you are worried about one particular item, Ero Moving of Milwaukee recommends you do some research.  Sometimes you can find the same or similar piece online to figure out the weight or possibly cost.

Ero Moving LLC of Milwaukee also recommends taking photos while filling out an inventory sheet.  This way you have photographic proof of what your furniture looked like prior to and after the move.  Then, if you do have to file a claim, you will have something to compare.