Moving a Safe

Whether you are a huge proponent of protecting your house or an avid hunter, many folks may have a heavy gun safe somewhere in their home.  However, how do you prepare your gun safe when you are moving? You want to make sure your investment is well protected. This is why you call Ero Moving of Milwaukee to help.  We know how to move a safe the correct and, no pun intended, safe way.

Moving a safe is not as simple as lugging it to a moving truck and loading it up. You want to make sure to protect your home from the damage of moving such a large and heavy item. Plus, you need to protect yourself from attempting to move something so cumbersome. Here is the correct way to move a safe.

How Much Does Your Safe Weigh?

Your first step in the process is to find out the weight of the safe, when it is empty.  The operative word being “empty.” You do not want your guns loaded in the safe when it is in the middle of transportation. You should have the safe completely empty before Ero Moving of Milwaukee arrives at your home.

If you are unsure of how much your safe weighs, please do not try to pick it up to make a guess. That could definitely end poorly. Instead, if you let one of our representatives know the make and model of the safe, we can look it up to find out.

Knowing the weight is simply the best way for us to prepare for the moving of your safe and what type of equipment will be needed.

Prepare Your Safe

Chances are most of the belongings in your home do not weigh as much as a safe. Because of this most will not own the proper equipment to move such a large item. Here is what you can expect from Ero Moving LLC of Milwaukee when we come to move your safe. First and foremost, we will protect your floors and your gun safe with the use of heavy moving blankets and Masonite on the floors along the path of moving.

Next, we will take a moment to inspect the gun safe with you.  This way we are all aware of any pre-existing blemishes. We want to make sure we don’t add to any of the scratches on such an important possession.  We will do an inspection before the move and after the move is complete.

Local or Long Distance Transportation

Now that we have gotten your gun safe carefully to the loading door of the truck, we get to do the fun stuff: loading it up! In most cases our highly trained movers are able to get your safe on a furniture dolly, and into the truck with ease.

If your safe weighs over 600 lbs then you can request a moving truck with a lift gate.  This will make the loading and unloading much easier.  Our movers will use a 4-wheel furniture dolly to get your safe to the truck, push a button, and then arrange it on the truck.

No matter the size of your safe, it is best to have a clear idea of where you would like it to live in your new abode. This way you can inform the movers of the best location upon arrival.  They can quickly lie down Masonite and blankets and get to work unloading your safe.

When it comes to planning a move with your safe, whether you are simply moving from one room to another, to another home, or across state lines, Ero Moving of Milwaukee LLC is here to help.  We have the experience you are looking for in a company with great reviews to back us up.

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