Senior Relocation Services

Are you and your loved ones moving an elderly relative and need a little help with the heavy lifting?  ERO Moving LLC is happy to help.  We work closely with families to make your transition as simple as possible.

It has become almost a rite of passage for the 55+ age group to begin their transition into a home that is more conducive to their mobility. However, the question may come up, who is there to help make this move less stressful by showing you care and compassion? How do you know who you can trust if you are making this transition on your own? ERO Moving LLC is here to help you every step of the way.

Important Senior Relocation Questions

  1. What does ERO Moving LLC provide with their Senior Relocation Services?
    • ERO Moving LLC goes beyond their typical above average standards.  We provide you and your loved ones with all the information you need upfront.  Our qualified movers are here to sort them out and dispose of unwanted items.  Thus, making the transition of downsizing a more pleasant experience. We also provide our professional packing and unpacking services, along with assistance setting up your new residence.
  2. How long should I anticipate Senior Relocation to take?
    • Here at ERO Moving LLC we understand working with an elderly community make time a little more time and patience.  There are several more factors to add into the equation, such as health issues.  We work diligently around your schedule and needs to provide you with outstanding service. Every move is different and every move will take a different amount of time, but we promise the most efficient move possible.
  3. How is a Senior Relocation move different from typical moving services?
    • When working with an elderly population or the family of elderly there is more to organize.  We take diligent notes to make sure your move is planned and executed to the best of our abilities.
  4. What areas of Wisconsin does ERO Moving LLC service?
    • ERO Moving LLC is proud to serve Milwaukee, Madison, and their surrounding areas. Check out our Locations We Serve page to find out more about how we can help you and your family with their relocation needs.
  5. What is the cost of ERO Moving LLC’s Senior Relocation service?
    • We realize every move is different.  When moving seniors, there is often a lot more planning and organizing that goes into the cost. However, ERO Moving LLC prides itself on providing the most affordable moving and labor prices in Milwaukee, Madison, and the surrounding areas.  With over a decade of experience, you know you are getting a great deal with a superior moving company.

Moving and Downsizing Tips for Senior Citizens

Moving to a new home can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience, especially for senior citizens. Many seniors find downsizing their possessions difficult and often feel overwhelmed by the process. Here are some useful tips for moving and downsizing when you’re a senior citizen:

Start Early & Take Your Time

Give yourself plenty of time to go through all your belongings and decide what should be kept, donated or thrown away. Starting early means that you won’t feel rushed to make decisions during the move – instead focus on what will bring you comfort and happiness in your new home.

Make Priorities & Seek Support

When it comes time to start packing, prioritize items that are essential to everyday living – such as medications, documents, clothing etc. Also seek physical or emotional support if needed – friends, family members or even local movers can help make this process less stressful.

Utilize Technology & Services

Technology can be a great ally during the downsizing process – utilize online services like eBay or Craigslist to sell extra furniture pieces or electronics you don’t need anymore. Additionally many organizations provide special services for senior citizens moving into smaller homes – do some research in your area so that there are no vicious surprises along the way!

Following these tips will help make the transitioning process much smoother for seniors! Good luck with creating your perfect space!

5 Keys to a Successful Senior Move

Moving can be an exciting but challenging experience for seniors, with different needs and considerations to take into account. Here are some tips for making the transition as seamless as possible:

  1. Start planning early – begin organizing your move well before your intended departure date so that you have plenty of time to make decisions and avoid feeling rushed.

  2. Sort through items carefully – go through each item you own and decide whether it should be sold, donated, or taken with you to the new location – this will save you time and money in the long run.

  3. Take advantage of senior discounts – many businesses offer discounts on moving services, storage solutions, packing materials, etc., so don’t forget to ask about these when making arrangements for your relocation.

  4. Get help from family and friends – enlisting family members or close friends to help you pack boxes, organize furniture, clean up or move heavy items can save a lot of stress during an already overwhelming experience.

  5. Unpack strategically – focus on unpacking essentials first such as kitchen supplies, toiletries and bedding; this way you can rest easy in your new home from day one.